About BP Business Coaching

BP Business Coaching services are focused on helping the small business owner scale their business, optimize their strategies, and enhance their growth as the leader inside and outside of the organization.

BP was designed out of the education and expertise of the owner Brandon Painter. Brandon has a Masters of Education in Positive Coaching and a Masters of Science in Internet Marketing. Beyond that, he earned a graduate certification in positive psychology, two coaching certifications in coaching from Coach U, more 15 certifications from UDemy, and is a professional YouTube learner (just kidding – sorta). 

What Brandon enjoys most about coaching is the helping others figuring out a strategy to achieve their goals based on their wants, needs, and desires. In coaching, the partnership focus is to figure out how to achieve the client’s goals through setting a strategic action plan to execute, be held accountable to, and continuously enhance the strengths and weaknesses of the plan by analyzing the results. He really likes the bond, growth, and transformation that is created throughout their time together.

Beyond that, Brandon enjoys the creative aspect of using his knowledge and expertise to help fellow entrepreneurs and business owners like himself grow as a person while improving their business. He feels like continous personal growth and leadership abilities are fundamental to the success of his business endeavors and wants to help others achieve the same. 

BP Business Coaching's Mission

BP Business Coaching’s mission is to help small business owners strategize specific goals to be held accountable for achieving in three, four, and six-month partnerships. The focus of the coaching partnership is to identify measurable objectives to strive toward and assess throughout the time together within their organization branding, marketing and advertising, and website. BP also offers personal and leadership growth coaching for small business owners. Our plan will be to look at the execution of the plan itself and the results that came from it. We must evaluate the transformation from where we started to where we ended and how it affected the business.

Lastly, the growth of the client is just as significant as what is planned. Coaching focuses on the subjective feelings of their abilities to execute the plan, who they have to become to achieve the success they are looking for, and how to overcome the struggles they will face.  

At the end of the coaching partnership, BP’s mission is to confirm that the organization has a strategy to ensure a succession plan that can be implemented and optimized.