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BP’s Brand Strategy Coaching


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brand strategy coaching

What is BP’s focus for brand strategy coaching?

BP Business Coaching provides a solution-focused and high-performance coaching services in the realm of brand strategy coaching. Brand strategy coaching is where an individual who wants to start a business or wants to redesign their organization’s branding strategy with a business coach who understands branding. BP’s business coach works with entrepreneurs or small business owners who do not know how to implement their branding cohesively or are experiencing challenges, frustrations, or struggles in their current branding strategy. BP’s business coach will assess the organization’s current plan and see what their idea vision is for their branding strategy. From there, BP’s business and the client will co-create a strategic action plan to implement based on the image desired.

BP has three services of leadership development. First, BP can help those who are struggling in their position. The client and BP’s focus would be retention-based leadership development coaching. BP can also help those who are going to receive a promotion within the next three to six months and need to learn the proper leadership skills to come into that position confidently. The client and BP’s focus would be succession-based leadership development coaching. Lastly, BP wants to help those that are satisfied where they are at in their position. They want to receive exceptional performance reviews, achieve high-results, and become the go-to person in their position and field.  The client and BP’s focus would be high high-performance leadership development coaching.

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Why do organizations hire a brand strategy coach for brand strategy coaching?

  • Lack of know how to create a brand identity
  • Help with their organization’s market research and how to implement it in their organization’s branding strategy
  • Understand what a brand strategy is and how to implement in their organization
  • Does not understand the psychological aspects of branding and how that goes into their marketing and advertising
  • Improve the sentiment felt by the organization’s target audiences
  • Assess whether their taglines, unique sales proposition, unique value proposition, and elevator speech are appealing to their target audiences
  • Look at how the organization’s brand position and how it differentiates itself in the marketplace
  • Understand if their brand elements such as colors, shape, and logo are appealing to their target audience
  • Look at and assess the elements of a brand story and how to improve it in their marketing efforts
  • Implement the organization’s values in their brand’s voice
  • Make a strategic action plan to improve the current branding strategy

What could be the benefits of an organization receiving brand strategy coaching?

  • Be confident in moving forward with a strong brand identity
  • Optimize the organization’s brand strategy based through market research
  • Have an organizational-wide brand strategy that the entire staff follows
  • The organization would know how to appeal to its target audience through psychology
  • Strategically enhance the way the target audience feels about the company
  • Create more a effective tagline, unique sales proposition, unique value proposition, and elevator pitch
  • Strategically improve the market share by enhance the way differentiate the themselves against the competitors
  • Update brand elements such as colors, shapes, and logo so they are effectively used by the organization and appeals to their target audience
  • Have a brand story that resonates with its target audience
  • Make sure that brand’s messaging efforts is cohesive with the values of the organization
  • Have someone hold organization accountable to the enhancement of the brand strategy
  • Have all points of contact online and offline be cohesive with one another


Ready to be held accountable to your organization’s brand strategy through coaching?