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BP’s Business Plan Coaching


Your partner for solution-focused and high-performance business plan coaching

What is BP’s focus for business plan coaching?

BP Business Coaching provides solution-focused and high-performance coaching services in the realm of business plan coaching. Business plan coaching is where an individual who wants to start a business or wants to redesign their business plan with a business coach. BP’s business coaches work with entrepreneurs or small business owners who are experiencing challenges, frustrations, or struggles in their current business plan. From there, the business coach and the client will co-create a strategic action plan into their business to become more profitable and successful.

BP has three services of leadership development. First, BP can help those who are struggling in their position. The client and BP’s focus would be retention-based leadership development coaching. BP can also help those who are going to receive a promotion within the next three to six months and need to learn the proper leadership skills to come into that position confidently. The client and BP’s focus would be succession-based leadership development coaching. Lastly, BP wants to help those that are satisfied where they are at in their position. They want to receive exceptional performance reviews, achieve high-results, and become the go-to person in their position and field.  The client and BP’s focus would be high high-performance leadership development coaching.

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Why do organizations hire a

business plan coach?

  • Create a business plan
  • Update their current business plan
  • Create documents of organizational and managerial structure
  • Understand their better industry
  • Analyze their consumers and competitors
  • Have a detailed outline of all legal agreements, and any intellectual property you may own.
  • Have and understand their products and/or services from potential customer’s points of view.
  • Create in-depth marketing and sales plan.
  • Want to know what branding is and how to implement into their marketing and advertising effectively.
  • Make financial projections through historical data analyses and prospective income.  

What could be the benefits to an organization for business plan coaching?

  • Have a business plan for their organization
  • Enhance their expired vision of the organization
  • Have processes in place of who owns and does what
  • Stay ahead of or current within their industry
  • Be conscious of
  • their target audiences struggles, frustrations, and pain points
  • their target audiences behaviors and sentiment
  • competitors strategic action plans and target audiences’ sentiment
  • Have all legal documents in place.
  • The marketing department can understand how to influence the target audience more effectively to take action.
  • The organization has a penetration and growth strategy through numerous channels of distribution.
  • Personnel knows how to implement the organization’s brand strategy through all forms of communication.
  • Organizational leaders are held accountable for trying to strive to meet or exceed financial projections.
  • Get a business loan from a bank.


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