What is business coaching?

What is business coaching?

What is business coaching? In my coaching, I like to understand definitions as a way to not interject any biases or my perception when working with a client. I also find definitions that help us gain clarity of a term or concept so my client and I have a mutual understanding when we are discussing something.

In the last blog, “What is coaching?” I shared the International Coaching Federation definition of what is coaching from the coach’s perceptive. The “ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential (CoachFederation.org, n.d. para. 16)”

Using the International Coaching Federation definition as a platform, from my perspective business coaching is a professional relationship between a coach and a client that focuses on only maximizing the business’s potential and performance. As the individual is getting coached, the beneficiary is ultimately the business. 

The business coach and typically the owner(s) will assess the company’s desires from where they are at the moment to where they want to be in the future by setting goals.

In coaching, we call this the gap. Coaches coach their clients through the gap by their proprietary frameworks, assessments, tools, and resources.

As in the case of business coaching, the coach will use their proprietary framework, assessments, tools, and resources that are business-focused to help their client achieve the vision they have for the future.

In BP Business Coaching, we help coaches and consultants who owned their own business, do this in increments of 3-month, 4-month, and 6-month business coaching packages.

What is Coaching?

What is Coaching?

In the coaching profession, it helps us as practitioners to define terms when we work with our clients. We want to have a firm understanding of what our client means when they say statements such as, “I want to see my business grow.” or “I want to make more money online.”

This could mean a lot of things to a lot of people so I’d want my client to define what each of that statements means to them in their own heads which will allow me to visualize what they want.

With that in mind, I’d like to share what coaching is by the expert definitions I use when I think of coaching.

The first definition I will use comes from the International Coaching Federation (otherwise known as ICF for short). The International Coaching Federation was the first organization developed by Thomas Leonard to give coaching as a profession a set of guidelines and an ethical code to adhere to.

Here is the International Coaching Federation definition on their about page states:

The “ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential (para. 16)”

The second definition I will use comes from Coach U, Inc.. Coach U, Inc. was the first coaching school that was also developed by Thomas Leonard to teach the International Coaching Federation’s set of guidelines and ethical code to individuals who wanted to train to become a coach as a profession.

Here is the Coach U follows the ICF’s definition, but also describes in their personal and corporate training handbook.  Coach U’s Personal and Corporate Coach Training Handbook (2005, p. 10) states:

“Coaching is a catalyzing relationship that accelerates the process of performance; it’s about the individuals’ and/or organizations’ identifying the purpose and living out that purpose.”

Having this definition and a description help me communicate in my own mind what coaching is to me.

BP Business Coaching’s definition of coaching:

For BP Business Coaching, coaching is a thought-provoking partnership that helps coaches and consultants to maximize their potential and performance in their business.

BP and the client does this by identifying what the organization’s purpose and then setting goals and a plan to achieve that purpose. BP maximize the business’ potential and performance by continuously improving the strengths and weaknesses of the foundation of the business and the business’s strategy.

What is BP Business Coaching?

What is BP Business Coaching?

What is BP Business Coaching?

BP Business Coaching Icon logo

BP Business Coaching is a result-oriented and transformation-focused coaching firm that wants to help coaches and consultants grow their business.

BP Business Coaching’s Purpose

BP Business Coaching’s purpose is to help coaches and consultants who own their own business in two ways.


Personal Development and Personal Mastery Coaching Focused on Benefiting the Business

The first is to help them have a strong personal foundation in their own life, so it doesn’t prevent them from succeeding in their business.

BP does this through personal development and personal mastery coaching. Since this is a business coaching firm, the focus will be on how the coach or consultant’s personal foundation and personal mastery will benefit the business.


Business Development and Growth Coaching 

The second way BP Business Coaching helps coaches and consultants who own their own business is to help them become more be self-reliant in their abilities to grow their business.

BP does this through business development and strategy coaching that sole focus is to grow the business. Once the business’s foundation is strong, the coach and consultant will be confident in moving forward to grow their business.

BP will then help the coach or consultant move forward to help them perfect in executing their business strategy. BP can help them do this by continuing to analyze and improve the

  • business knowledge and understanding,
  • business process,
  • way the business develops information to scale their time, knowledge, and expertise,
  • brand development, strategy, and reputation,
  • and marketing and advertising to decrease cost, generate more leads, and increase profitability.


My long-term vision for BP Business Coaching 

BP’s vision is to provide coaches and consultants training, coaching, and support in personal development and business growth coaching to be more confident in achieving what matters most in their business.


My mission for BP Business Coaching

My mission is to develop a client base of self-reliant and confident coaches and consultants who can use their expertise, knowledge, and abilities to scale their business online.


My personal belief

My personal belief as a fellow coach and consultant, I can do that by helping my clients prioritize what matters most in my life and business and execute a plan to achieve that. You and I will never be exactly where I want to be, but I know that the transformation and the impact we make on others’ lives along on my journey will well be worth it.

Who am I?

Hi Everyone!


I want to thank you for coming to BP Business Coaching’s Blog page.

Who am I?

Brandon Painter

About Me

I am currently a marketing and website manager at an education center who helps have a small part of helping around 500 kids a year go to college through test prep coaching and consulting. I say I only have a small part because I only do the marketing and advertising, plus manage the online areas. My boss and her partner have helped thousands of students get scholarships and change their lives by graduating from high school and going to college.


I’ve also helped coaches and consultants in the fitness industry with architecting, developing, and fixing websites to sell their services and products all across the United States. 


Even though I love what I do, I always feel there is another calling outside of my day job and providing freelance work to those who need it. I’m always thinking about it what I could or should build try to figure out how to elevate my life to the next level.


I feel I can only do that by implementing my knowledge and expertise in my own way, which makes a different impact on this world.


MY IMPACT! The one that I was sent to this Earth to make. 


I know if you have gotten bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, you probably feel the same way!


My focus is to do that through BP Business Coaching’s services and product as well as this blog.


How do I want my clients to always feel after my training and coaching

  • Self-reliant
  • confident
  • successful 
  • masterful
  • experienced

I think I can only do that if I can

  • provide you value
  • help you create a better future for your business
  • create self-awareness through reflection
  • get you to strive for prosperity
  • and always be sincere

Thank you for reading my first blog, everyone!


I hope you find this blog aspirational, motivational, and business growth transforming in the future :).