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  • Personal Foundation Program                                            

    Personal Foundation is a self-paced personal development program for the individual who wants more—much more—in life and understands the value of investing in oneself by strengthening what we call one’s personal foundation.

    A personal foundation has 10 partseach distinct, yet interrelatedforming a solid base on which to develop a most wonderful, satisfying, and fulfilling life. Also, this program requires work on several other programs, notably Clean Sweep, Tru Values, and NeedLess.

    The 10 areas that you will be working on are:

    • Clearing unresolved matters
    • Restoring your integrity
    • Getting all of your needs met
    • Extending your boundaries
    • Raising your personal standards
    • Eliminating what you are tolerating
    • Coming from positives
    • Resolving key family relationships
    • Developing a supportive community
    • Reorienting around your Tru Values

    This is a fairly rigorous program. Take it one piece at a time. Your first score may be less than 10 or 20. Do not worry. You’ll get to 70, 80, or 90+ sooner than you may think. Once started, the personal foundation process carries on its own momentum.


    There are four steps to completing the Personal Foundation program.

    Step 1: Answer each question.

    If the statement is true, fill in the circle. If not, leave it blank until you’ve done what it takes. Be rigorous; be a hard grader. If the item does not apply or will never be true for you, give yourself credit. (You may do this with up to five items.) Feel free to rewrite or reword up to five of the items in this program to better suit you, your needs, and your life.

    Step 2: Summarize each section.

    Add up the number of checked circles for each of the 10 sections and write those amounts where indicated. Then add up all 10 sections and write the current total in the progress chart provided.

    Step 3: Color in the checklist.

    If you have five circles filled in the Clearing Unresolved Matters section, color in the bottom five boxes of column A, and so on. Always work from the bottom up. The goal is to have the entire chart filled in. This will indicate how strong your personal foundation is. In the meantime, you have a current picture of how you are doing in each of the 10 areas.

    Step 4: Keep playing until all the boxes are filled in.

    This process takes between six months and five

    Progress Charts                                                                                                           

    Personal Foundation Program 100-Point Checklist                                              


D. Extend Boundaries

Boundaries are imaginary lines we establish around ourselves to protect our souls, hearts, and minds from the unhealthy or damaging behavior of others. It is recommended that you extend your boundaries at least two or three times beyond where they are currently.

When a person has healthy boundaries:

  • Fear diminishes significantly; trust is rarely an issue.
  • Willing, healthy family members and true friends respect the person.
  • The person starts growing more emotionally and developmentally.

What happens when a person’s boundaries are weak:

  • The person attracts needy, disrespectful people into his or her life.
  • The person wastes energy keeping life going.

F. Stop Tolerating

Humans tolerate a lot. Often, we’re taught not to complain, to accept that life is difficult, not to rock the boat, to go along with others, to be grateful for what we have, to be understanding. Not bad advice, but we can still stop tolerating what is bugging us!

When people have stopped tolerating:

  • They are happier, more fun to be around.
  • They have extra energy to express their values versus their egos.
  • They have the edge: they step over nothing.

What happens when they tolerate?

  • They and their work become mediocre; they are tired.
  • Natural creativity is squashed.