BP’s Leading Your Business Growth Coaching Packages

What is BP’s focus on its Leading Your Business Growth Coaching packages ?

BP Business Coaching’s focus on this style of leadership development coaching is that the business owners look at their subjective feelings on how well they do in aspects regarding leading their business strategy. The leadership growth coach will help the small business owner set goals to enhance their ability to lead their business strategy with focus and confidence. Together, Leading Your Business Growth Coaching will make the small business owner a better leader of the organization towards the vision it holds for its future.

Are you a small business owners who want to

  • Have their business continously meet or exceed its goals
  • Be perceived as successful by their target market
  • Motivate and inspire those who interact with their business
  • Ensure that the products and/or services are meeting and exceeding expectations
  • Be confident in the changes it will take update their business to modern practices or to become the leader in their industry
  • Have the understanding and skills to lead and mentor your staff and self accomplish its business objectives
  • Know they are meeting or exceeding industry high-standards
  • Innovate new ideas to improve their marketplace position
  • Have their processes and procedures optimized to make their business run more efficiently to save time and money
  • Enhance their product lines and services by assessing and critiquing them for improvement

Reasons for Leading Your Business Growth Coaching

Why would a small business owner hire a leadership development coach for Leading Your Business Growth Coaching?

  • The business as a whole has trouble completing the goals it sets 
  • Perceives their company is not successful by its target market standards
  • Fails to motivate or inspire their potential target market to interact with the calls-to-action you ask them to take
  • Unsure if their product line or services are meeting customer expectations
  • Lacks the ability to lead the organization, team, and self through the necessary changes to stay current in the marketplace
  • Lacks self-confidence to mentor the business as a whole to accomplish its business objectives to reach its goals
  • The company as a whole lacks high-standards
  • Does not have a unique competitive difference in the marketplace
  • Current processes and procedures are not the most efficient way or out-dated
  • Lack of ability to take and fix the feedback and criticism they receive about their products and/or services

Benefits of a small business owner working with a leadership development coach for Leading Your Business Growth Coaching?

  • The company as a whole will increase the completion rate of its business objectives to strive to meet or exceed the goals they set 
  • The owner will define what success looks like from his/her perspective from his target market’s point of view and set a strategy to achieve it
  • Innovate a plan to motivate and inspire their target market consistently
  • Innovate new or modify current product line and/or services to meet or exceed the marketplace expectations
  • Create a strategy that will allow their organization to compete and/or surpass their competition in their marketplace
  • Assess the small business owner’s understanding of each task the business has to accomplish to be able to gain the knowledge of how to lead and mentor others within their business
  • Hold the organization as a whole to up-keep high standards consistently overtime
  • Build a path for success towards creating a unique difference in the marketplace
  • Design a system to continuously ensure that their processes and procedures are always as current and efficient as possible
  • Create a system to consistently gather customer/client feedback and criticism to improve the organization’s products and services

BP’s Leading Your Business Growth Coaching Process


30-Minute Discovery Session

We will decide if BP Business Coaching and your business will make a great partnership


Client chooses the right leadership growth coaching package that fits to meet their goals.

(before the first session)


BP’s Leading Your Business Growth Coaching Welcome Packet and Assessments will be sent to the client

(before the first session)


First Session

1. Create S.M.A.R.T. goals from the assessment results

2. Create a strategic brand development action plan

3. Set up all future coaching sessions with milestones to accomplish based on the strategic action plan


Every other session
(besides the final one)

A. Assess milestone success

B. Assess strengths and weaknesses from the strategic action to the current date

C. Create a goal with objectives to strive to reach by the end of the session

D. Discovery client takeaways

E. Client self-assigns a task or to-do list based on conversation and to improve the strengths and weaknesses of the strategic action plan


Conclusion Session

A. Assess strengths and weaknesses from the entire strategic action plan

2. Client assesses personal strengths and weaknesses throughout the entire strategic plan

3. Create a new S.M.A.R.T. goal to implement

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