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  • Tru Values Programs                                           

    Your values are the behavior and activities to which you are naturally drawn. Values are who you really are. This includes things like:
    • Creating
    • Contributing
    • Adventure
    • Beauty
    • Teaching
    • Spirituality
    The Tru Values program helps you to understand values and discern your top four values, and it puts you on a path to honoring them. This three-phase, 25-step process can take up to two years to complete—not because it is difficult, but because you have to handle other aspects of life in order to be able to distinguish the subtlety of values and then reorient your life around them. This takes time. To honor your values is to give yourself the ultimate gift. It is recommended that you work through the Clean Sweep and NeedLess programs prior to or concurrently with the Tru Values program. Your values are not as clear when clouded by unresolved matters and unmet needs. It is also recommended that you work with a professional coach trained in values work. You can do this on your own, but you will complete this program more quickly and more fully with a trained coach who has completed the process himself or herself.

      Purpose of Program                                                                      

      The purpose of the Tru Values program is to help you to:
      • Identify what your true values really are
      • Create and complete a values expression project
      • Reorient your life around expressing these values
      What Are Tru Values? Values are things you do or that you find very attractive. When engaged in these activities, you feel most like yourself: well, connected, excited, glowing, and effortless. We like these things, but most of us lead lives that do not grant us the chance to do just these things. We may be too busy with responsibilities, unresolved matters, chasing unmet needs, just getting by, and so on. In order to honor your Tru Values, you will have to substantially alter and enhance your life to get the room you need to engage in this ideal life. Many of us spend our lives trying (consciously or not) to honor these Tru Values. We find ourselves getting disturbed or frustrated, bored or complacent, wishing and hoping to have a better life. This better life is, among other things, based on your Tru Values. Will you give yourself the best gift ever? Embark on this program and don’t stop until you reach 100 points. Your professional coach can assist you in more fully understanding the dynamic of values and the steps to have them expressed and honored.

        Progress Chart                                                                                                                          

          Tru Values Program 100-Point Checklist                             

          Give yourself credit as you get points on the 100-point program. Fill in columns from the bottom up.


          Please read these instructions twice, and read carefully to let the subtleties show themselves.

          STEP 1: Select 10 Values.

          Read the list of values and circle approximately 10 that resonate as a value for you. You are looking for a value, not a want, a should, a fantasy, or a wish. A value is a must for you to be yourself. Part of the first step is to tell the truth about what you actually value or love to do with your time. This may be the first time you have ever admitted this to yourself. Some of these you will know innately. Others require some straight looking. Please be willing to “try on” words you might normally skip over. These may be hidden values; if so, you may have one or more of the following reactions:

          • “No, no, no; that would be too much fun.”
          • “That’s a silly value; I should have a better one.”
          • “If that were true, I’d have to change my life a lot.”
          • You flush, blush, or shake when reading the word.

          Got the idea? Now circle the 10 words that you believe to be Tru Values. Ask yourself: “If I had this, would I be naturally turned on, without effort?” (Work yes, struggle no.)

          Please choose your four Tru Values and write them on the 100-point checklist where indicated.

          Step 2: Narrow your values to four.

          We all value a little of everything listed on this page. But we want you to pick the four Tru Values from the ones you circled. You may wish to compare each of your 10 values with each of the others and ask yourself, “Now, do I really prefer X or Y? Which ones aren’t that intriguing to me any more? Which ones, when honored, make the other ones not as exciting?”

          Step 3: Create a life that honors and expresses your values.

          Now that you have your Tru Values identified, you will want to create a way to have them all expressed, forever. This process has three parts, described in the following sections.

          Honor your values.

          When you honor your values, you honor your self or higher self. Values are those activities you naturally engage in when your life is in great shape. Until this time, you may have been expressing (e.g., doing) your values but not honoring them. To honor your values means to create and live your life in such a way that there is nothing in the way of your living your values. This means a life of integrity, free of addictions or attachments, with all needs being met, free of unresolved past experiences, with a full and supportive communitylike an ideal life.

          People engage in this values process as a way to get a great life. Look for examples of the kind of changes you can expect in step 7. Choose three of these changes to begin fully honoring your values.

          Express your Tru Values through a project.

          Now that you’ve cleared the decks and upgraded your life so your values can play, it is time to come up with a fun project that gives your values a showcasea way to get stimulated and used, a way to show yourself that living your values is both possible and fulfilling. (Fulfillment is the experience of life one has when values are honored and expressed.)

          This project shouldn’t have any shoulds about it. Don’t pick one that will drive you crazy, one that you are not ready for (but “should be”), one that you think you should want but really don’t. Rather, design a project that lets you play big or play well, effortlessly. Examples are in step 11 on the last page of this section. Design a project that brings out your best, naturally. Don’t do a project in order to get something out of it. Do it because you enjoy it.

          Align your goals with your values.

          After finishing your values expression project, you are ready for the final phasealigning your life goals with your values. In other words, being at the place in life where you can afford to set only those goals that honor or express your values. This assumes you’re close to 100 on the Clean Sweep and NeedLess programs. But wow, what a place to be in life! The alignment steps are:

          Make a list of your 10 goals for this year.

          Make a list of your top 10 values.

          Match the goals with the values.

          Note: The objective is to only have values-based goals this year. If you have a goal that does not fit with one of your top 10 values, either adapt the goal to fit the value or get rid of it and come up with another. Don’t adapt the value to the goal. And only have one goal per value. You are using your values as the reference point in your lifenot your goals. And that is what makes this process so exciting!

          Tru Values Program Checklist                                                  

          Use this checklist to guide yourself through the program. Fill in the circle when you have started on the step. Fill in the square when you have completed the step. Fill in the appropriate box on the checklist provided when you have completed the step. Work these 25 steps in order.

          Do this process for each of the four values you’ve chosen as Tru Values.

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