Hi Everyone!


I want to thank you for coming to BP Business Coaching’s Blog page.

Who am I?

Brandon Painter

About Me

I am currently a marketing and website manager at an education center who helps have a small part of helping around 500 kids a year go to college through test prep coaching and consulting. I say I only have a small part because I only do the marketing and advertising, plus manage the online areas. My boss and her partner have helped thousands of students get scholarships and change their lives by graduating from high school and going to college.


I’ve also helped coaches and consultants in the fitness industry with architecting, developing, and fixing websites to sell their services and products all across the United States. 


Even though I love what I do, I always feel there is another calling outside of my day job and providing freelance work to those who need it. I’m always thinking about it what I could or should build try to figure out how to elevate my life to the next level.


I feel I can only do that by implementing my knowledge and expertise in my own way, which makes a different impact on this world.


MY IMPACT! The one that I was sent to this Earth to make. 


I know if you have gotten bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, you probably feel the same way!


My focus is to do that through BP Business Coaching’s services and product as well as this blog.


How do I want my clients to always feel after my training and coaching

  • Self-reliant
  • confident
  • successful 
  • masterful
  • experienced

I think I can only do that if I can

  • provide you value
  • help you create a better future for your business
  • create self-awareness through reflection
  • get you to strive for prosperity
  • and always be sincere

Thank you for reading my first blog, everyone!


I hope you find this blog aspirational, motivational, and business growth transforming in the future :).